Josh appreciates that our two stores rely on our computer infrastructure to function. He has worked meticulously following the sale of the system to ensure it is reliable and effective. His business is built on aftersales service, just like ours.

IT Solutions have literally worked till midnight to ensure our systems are always live, you won’t find a technology company more timely.

Prices are fair, but more importantly they are explained to us as a customer. No fancy wording, IT solutions breaks it down so that the  customer understand what they are paying for.

We have had some issues along the way, but at no point did IT solutions back away. They were presented with a difficult request, they found a solution, and when it didn’t all go to plan they worked to no end to ensure the effectiveness of the system.


The service Josh provides is second to none.  I needed a complete network set up for my new business.  Josh was able to match my security concerns with my accessibility needs as well as budget requirements and really helped to get my business off the ground.

Not only was my network up and running within my timeframe, but its capabilities were explained to me in a way that allowed me to understand the system completely and have faith that my data was secure.  Josh’s after sales service has been prompt and effective and I am constantly amazed at his ability to recall the intricacies of my system instantly in order to assist me.

I highly recommend Josh to many of my own clients.

Hodkinson Accounting

Josh created a streamlined point of sale system for our homewares store and integrated it seamlessly with our accounting package.  He has made our life so much easier thanks to what he set up.  Also, his point of sale solution for our store was significantly cheaper than anything else we looked at.  Josh is a pleasure to work with and has saved many headaches with his solutions.



Thorough, helpful and always reliable. IT Solutions NQ always show up on time and they follow through with an IT issue in the most efficient manner,they produce definite outcomes; and they do this without BLAMING the technology. They just get on with it.


In the IT industry we often find people that are technically savvy but lack the people and business skills to successfully run an IT business. Josh is one of the rare few to have the necessary skill sets and smarts to do all this.

Josh will always take the time to understand your issue or concern, prioritise, propose a solution and then get the job done. Never does Josh go “missing” and not respond to your call and always treats your issues as important and worthy, regardless of how small they may be.

Josh understands the importance of IT within our businesses and will do whatever is necessary for us to be functional again. He’s building his business in a way that ensures he can maintain his current high levels of client service as he expands which is critical to us as we don’t want to lose the exception service he provides currently. I highly recommend anyone not happy with their current provider to have a chat with Josh.

His service fees are transparent and competitive and he’ll always look for best prices in the marketplace when purchasing hardware on our behalf.

All issues have been handled in a timely and effective manner at present, and whilst this is fantastic, it should also be noted that the number of incidents or issues we’ve experienced since moving to IT Solutions NQ has decreased substantially allowing us to be more productive and efficient in what we do for our clients. Which is even more fantastic! Thanks again Josh.


You guys did a sensational job, working your magic on our PC and Laptop! Great price and great work! Have added you to our contact list as our preferred IT service provider.
You will be getting all i&i Services IT work in the future.

Once again most impressed and thank you for the excellent service.

IT Solutions NQ offeres good service, price and after sales service.
Josh is easy to get along with and I can contact him out of standard working hours.

His time frames are efficient and i would (and do) recommend IT Solutions NQ to anyone requiring computer services.

MRD Haulage

In our business, client satisfaction is paramount. So when we look for suppliers for our business to ensure that we run to the highest standard, our suppliers must deliver to the same high standard.

IT Solutions NQ are just this and deliver exactly this. Their after sales service is great, their timeliness and attention to detail based on customer and client needs is excellent and they don’t just talk the talk – the effectiveness of their service and product is always helpful and relevant and meets our businesses needs and outcomes. And then there is their cost – extremely fair and definitely value for money. IT Solutions NQ put the bang in the buck and when in business this is extremely important.

Richards Plumbing

As an International Ships Agency business, client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us, and this was something that was at the forefront when a decision regarding an IT Company was to be made.
IT Solutions have proven to be reliable, efficient, trustworthy and they do a fantastic job every time without fail. Having to comply with Australia Government, Customs and Border Protection as well as Quarantine Laws, requires, timely service and whenever we have required Josh and his team, they have been very diligent in understanding our requirements and serving us with the greatest urgency as clients. They come highly recommended by Magnetic Shipping Services to anyone personally or commercially.


We cannot thank you enough Josh for delivering on your word that we would receive a stress free, reliable and highly effective service when we recently upgraded our computer systems and servers.

The personal touches and working hours that were required in order to have our business up and running with literally no downtime was outstanding!
We are so grateful for the level of service we continue to receive from you and the professional manner in which you do so.

IT Solutions NQ is truly a 10 out of 10.
Thank you!